Carbon Look Ash


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Güç şeritlerini nasıl gördüğünü tekrar düşün

Şarj etme, Woodie Hub’tan daha kolay ve şık olmamıştı. Yenilikçi Qi kablosuz şarj teknolojisini Universal AC soketleri ve USB bağlantı noktaları ile birleştiren Woodie Hub, aradıklarınızın en mükemmel güç arkadaşıdır. Büyük işlevsellik ve güzel tasarım, şimdi ve her zaman, tüm şarj ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılamak üzere bir araya gelecek.


Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging your iPhone 8, iPhone X or any Qi-ready smartphone has never been easier. Simply drop the smartphone on the Wireless Power Bank and power will be delivered straight on contact. If you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, you can simply use the Woodie Wireless Case to enable your smartphone to Qi wireless charging.


Magnetic Secure Positioning

The Woodie Wireless Power Bank features built-in magnets and a patch (included in the packaging to add on your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or any Qi-ready smartphone) to let you enjoy wireless charging on-the-go. The built-in magnets assure solid alignment between the Power Bank and the smartphone to let you forget about cables once for all.

Premium Materials

Get elegance on your daily tech. An anodized aluminum case combined with unique wood and carbon fiber-look finishes let you step out from the ordinary. Italian design and unique wireless functionality in your pocket.

Compact & Lightweight

Enjoy a wireless charger that is small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough to carry without even feeling it.


Battery Level Indicator

Four blue LED lights add visual beauty to this portable charger, while letting you know the power level so to never be uncovered


USB Charging Port

Get the versatility of a wireless charger that also offers a USB port for cable charging. We want you covered also for your devices still unable to charge wirelessly.

İtalya'da yapıldı

Italian design and quality materials

By combining beautiful Italian design and premium luxury materials, we take wireless charging to a whole new level.

Teknik özelllikler


Battery Capacity:
– 3700 mAh
– Micro-USB Input 5V / 2A

Qi Wireless charging:
– Output 5V / 1A
– Efficiency: Up to 78%
– Qi Wireless Charge (WPC 1.1)

USB Port:
– 5V / 1A Output

Included in the packaging:
– Power Bank
– Micro-Usb Cable
– Magnetic patch
– Mounting templates for iPhone X,
iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus,
Samsung S7, S8, S8Plus


Alüminyum / Ahşap / Mermer
ABS Yumuşak Dokunmatik Gövde
Gri Kumaş Kablosu


13,5 x 13,5 x 3,5 cm

15 x 15 x 13 cm

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

How does wireless charging work?

In a nutshell, when electricity ‘travels’ through a copper wire, it provides an electromagnetic field. The inductive coil used for wireless charging has a special placement of copper wires to create a specific magnetic field. The magnetic field which is created by the sending coil (E.g. charging station) interacts with the receiving coil. In turn this magnetic field is turned into power by the receiving coil and then transferred to the device (E.g. mobile phone). In other words: Electricity – sender coil – magnetic field – receiving coil – electricity.

Is wireless charging safe for me and my phone?

Yes. Wireless charging works on electromagnetic fields, which means there will be no electricity flying through the air or anything. Additionally, any radiation is insignificantly little by nature and further lowered by the close proximity of the devices and the additional shielding in the Qi coil modules used.

Will the Power Bank charge my smartphone or tablet?

The Woodie Power Bank also has a USB charging port, and is compatible with virtually any available smartphone or tablet.

Will it charge my Samsung Galaxy, Lg G6 or any Qi-ready smartphone?

Absolutely! Simply place them on top of the Wireless Power Bank and press the battery-level button on the side to begin charging.

Can I recharge the Woodie Wireless Power Bank also wirelessly?

Unfortunately not yet. But we are working on it. In the meanwhile make sure to connect the micro-USB on the Power Bank with a power source of 1.5A. That’s the optimal input for the Power Bank.

Can I charge my device while recharging the Woodie Wireless Power Bank?

Yes. When you’re recharging your Woodie Power Bank, you can still use it to charge your smartphone wirelessly or any other device through the USB port, or both. This way, the Power Bank can become a charging dock which you can simply disconnect and bring it away with you to be power independent.